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Vlad Gerasimov  ·  10 August 2007
Today (Aug 10) is our wedding anniversary! So  I made this picture as  a gift to  my beautiful wife :-)

asoji  ·  long ago

euro  ·  long ago

D  ·  long ago
Very very very beautiful this remaind me of my love, once he told me ...I kiss you in the sky .It is so full of love ,so sweet ...

Pooya  ·  long ago
absolutely cool . . .

Venby  ·  long ago
Very very good :)

Amanat  ·  long ago
Good work man!

ahmet cemil çakmut  ·  long ago
You r the king Vlad!

Biag  ·  long ago
it's been a while since I've seen this kind of cloud formation.

yjm  ·  long ago

carolina d'vetteau  ·  long ago
hermoso trabajo....

awey  ·  long ago
It's funny.^^

Ela  ·  long ago
best feel

ASAL  ·  long ago
Oh!how did you find the piture of him &me?

topegui  ·  long ago
congratulations, it is very nice, but... i think you could do much better, on the lightning .

hieunc82   ·  long ago
thanks nice

夏鼎(China)  ·  long ago
simple and connotative...........

George  ·  long ago
Sooooooooooooooooo cute

bec  ·  long ago
young love!!!!

Oddbjørn Sjøgren  ·  long ago
I love the idea. I hope you publish a better version of this someday, it's not quite up to your fantastic standard.

Good Speeder  ·  long ago
I like it, good job!

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