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Vlad Gerasimov  ·  26 April 2009
I had a chance to spend some time with upcoming Windows 7 OS. And because I  am wallpaper maniac :-) the default wallpaper (this one - View from Arstechnica website) was most interesting to me. I decided to fire up Photoshop and try to draw better wallpaper. I changed the fish (because my favorite is clown-fish), made wallpaper darker (I thought it was uncomfortably light), tweaked light source and reflections. I'm not sure if  it turned out better, but here is the result!

Jorjennia Jaushlin  ·  26 April 2009
Beautiful work! I love your artistic genius!

Carl Willetts  ·  26 April 2009
How good would it have been for Windows 7 to have included some of Vlad's wallpapers? At least my Windows 7 desktop will have Vlad's wallpaper and not the usual sterile slop from MS. Excellent work by the way!

Karl  ·  26 April 2009
I quite dislike it. The fish seems a bit too... fat. And the texture looks more like brushed metal than scales. But anyway, that's good work, eh ;).

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  26 April 2009
Jorjennia, Carl, Karl: thanks for your honest opinions :-)

Illya Termeno  ·  26 April 2009
Определенно наряднее, чем оригинал. Хорошая работа!

Lorena  ·  26 April 2009
Beautiful!! Love nemo! jaja

A1Elements  ·  26 April 2009
And another new category, what's going on. :-?

Cheezwhiz  ·  26 April 2009
What a coincidence. I just installed the Windows 7 Beta. Now I have the perfect replacement for the default wallpaper!

Martin Stružský  ·  26 April 2009
Wow, my favourite fish from the Finding Nemo movie on my desktop by my favourite wallpaper designer. 8-) Lovely as usual. ;-)

Bin Liu  ·  27 April 2009
What about creating a series of wallpapers/clocks of this kind featuring different kinds of fish?

Michaela Basham  ·  27 April 2009
I like this one better. The beta fish seemed kind of drab and lifeless, and you're right, it did seem too light. Your wallpaper is much more vibrant!

Justin Murray  ·  27 April 2009
no offense vlad, but i prefer the original better.

Arthur Pustynin  ·  27 April 2009
Очень приятная рыбка)

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  27 April 2009
Justin Murray: I am not offended at all! Karl: I took your comment into consideration and made slight changes - fish is not so fat anymore, and background is not looking like metal. Thanks!

efand  ·  27 April 2009
That's not as i expected...... the fish seems unreal

David I.  ·  27 April 2009
I'm all for alternatives to Windows 7. ;-)

Vit Svarc  ·  27 April 2009
You are my favourite wallpaper maker, Ubuntu is my favourite operating system. Please, can you make some wallpaper(s) with ubuntu theme?

sergiom99  ·  28 April 2009
Its amazing how M$ is copy-cating Linux look-and-feel even more release after release. would love to see an Ubuntu themed wallpaper. And a cow themed one! ;-) Keep up the good work Vlad!

Jaideep Nadkarni  ·  28 April 2009
Its better than the real thing!

Barbara Kurzawska  ·  28 April 2009
I think clown-fish fits better. Original wallpaper looks so.. so.. blurry (water is blue, fish is blue, I think it doesn't look good). Another wonderful work :) Thank you!

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