A Cheshire Kitten (Disappearing)


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  20 June 2009
The inevitable is happening! My kitten is disappearing :-)

Christian Klinger  ·  20 June 2009
Should be disappeard compleatly (but keep the eyes und the smile). That would remind me to Alice in Wonderland...

Ampit  ·  20 June 2009
I thin I like it even better. Thanks.

Logoman  ·  21 June 2009
I just love it !!!nnI've asked my Mac to change every 5 minutes with the cheshire kitten who doesn't disappear, the effect is so cool ! I see the little kitten disappearing in front of my eyes !!!nnThank you Vlad, the two Cheshire Kitten are just GREAT !!!

Sarah  ·  25 June 2009

Bacon  ·  26 June 2009
Sorry Vlad, it is an awsome pic but I dont like it as much as the other cheshire kitten...nnit is still good, just not as good as all the others...

LG  ·  26 June 2009
Great as always... but I think maybe a purple-magenta background would also look good... perhaps even more mysterious... =) And surreal...

Valerie  ·  26 June 2009
This is one of my absolute favorites! I like having both versions, one on each monitor. Coworkers have to look twice!

vorpalbunnie  ·  30 June 2009
Vlad, never stop being so awesome! I swear your wallpapers really keep me going at work.

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  30 June 2009
vorpalbunnie: glad to hear that! :-)

jr.8a  ·  1 July 2009
como pongo un reloj busque un programa y segun no hay

Emma  ·  3 July 2009
Really to tell you the truth the disappering kitten has no purpose for disappearing. Really, is there a point? I like the full Kitty better

Martine   ·  9 July 2009
I'm addicted to yours wallpapers ! especially this cat ! wonderful !

Matthew Long  ·  14 July 2009
Cute! The kitten is just adorable!! Well done Vlad!

nrssnk  ·  31 July 2009

ET  ·  23 October 2009
I love this! Definitely the Alice in Wonderland Cheshire kitten!

Andy  ·  28 December 2009
Or maybe it's a Cheshire cat appearing.

CF  ·  10 March 2010
Wondering why your dual monitor wallpapers are in one file instead of two separate files?

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  11 March 2010
CF: every dual wallpaper has single image, as well as "left" and "right" images. (see links near each dual monitor size).

Margaret  ·  24 May 2010
The low quality free download doesn't allow me to download. Love your art.

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