Vlad Gerasimov  ·  8 February 2011
I was doing the Valentine's day promo graphics for my website when I got the idea for this wallpaper. It  is based on Vladstudio logo and is very simple but has one, well, peculiarity :-)

Robin  ·  8 February 2011
Nice, very simple but like it!

tamalita  ·  8 February 2011
love it ;)

Heidi  ·  8 February 2011
It's lovely, and the peculiarity is quite unobtrusive. ;) I'd like it even more if a blue version was available. Unfortunately pink is my least favourite colour.

David Branson  ·  8 February 2011
Perhaps one with two guys (or girls) would also be possible? Hoping...

fengshaun  ·  8 February 2011
Absolutely gorgeous! And the peculiarity is a nice touch!

GJ  ·  8 February 2011
I like it, but for the record, not all of your subscribers are boys who like girls (or vice versa)...

fahmy (I\'m a fan)  ·  9 February 2011
Looove it so... make the maroon version Vlad....

Jessica  ·  9 February 2011

Lim Lian Tze  ·  9 February 2011
Oh naughty naughty! But no matter, it's cute!

JaskiratS  ·  9 February 2011
This is so cool Vlad..Thats what i call simple AND beautiful good job...way to go

Gary Pullis  ·  9 February 2011
Beautiful as always, but somehow I feel dirty looking at it.

goldfish300  ·  10 February 2011
nice wall :) been featured on http://goldfish300.tumblr.com/

Jaideep Nadkarni  ·  14 February 2011

edina  ·  14 February 2011

Kat  ·  15 February 2011
Very nice !! Thanks !!

zoe  ·  25 June 2011
esto es mas pa san valentinn o como dice mi prima evelin san maletinezz xdxd

Jurgen Kohler  ·  5 July 2011
to: [Mikey G], [David Branson], [GJ]. I consider it's at least not polite to ask Russian to make an advertisement of... so to say... "unconventional relationships". Pay respect for other cultures and other people's world outlook! [Vlad Gerasimov] Thanks for your great work on all of these wallpapers!

snyex  ·  23 July 2011
Jurgen Kohler: Congratulations on being homophobic and racist at the same time. Being Russian does not give you a free pass to be homophobic, nor does being German or American or anything else. You say to respect others - expecting you and others to follow your own advice is not remotely disrespectful. Just want to point out I'm not saying anything about Vlad, I'm only responding to what is being implied about him.

Helen  ·  29 August 2011
Jurgen, although I do not understand, why you are talking about Russians only, I think you're right. But we cannot do anything about it. World has already gone mad. The word "homophobic" is already invented to discredit the ones like you. The ones who want to save conscience and oppose sodomy. Maybe, after a few years, we'll hear words like "pedophobic" or "zoophobic"?.. God forgive us all...

snyex  ·  11 September 2011
Helen: Congrats on being as absolutely stereotypically homophobic as possible. Forty years ago people claimed that acceptance of homosexuality will lead to acceptance of pedophilia and zoophilia, a bluntly stupid comparison, and guess what, we're not anywhere closer to that gross dream world of yours. For someone who seems religious, perhaps you should be the person suggesting "live and let live" to others, rather than spreading hatred towards others who think differently than you.

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