Missing Piece


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  12 October 2007
I was lucky to find my missing piece - my wife. So, I dedicate this wallpaper to all who is still in the search! Done in Adobe Photoshop, as always.

Ron Hughes  ·  long ago
I really appreciate this one! Thank you!

Michael Schluetter  ·  long ago
Wow i love this one so much!

feng shaun  ·  long ago
:) I love it when people really love eachother. The wallpaper is gorgeous.

Marko  ·  long ago

Caperu  ·  long ago
just incredible!!!!!

Jan Blazicek  ·  long ago
Wow for the dog :D

Varje  ·  long ago

Serrano  ·  long ago
beautiful, as always.

bridget ;)  ·  long ago
LOVE IT! oOOOOOooooohhhh Vlad - I

Olja  ·  long ago
Excellent work Vlad! I'm simply delighted!

Ruby Pipes  ·  long ago
My jaw literally dropped. I love this completely.

Suzana  ·  long ago
this was just wonderful, and looks so "3-dimensional"; would be great in a kid's playroom or even a family room, I think.

Justin Murray  ·  long ago
haha. this is so great vlad. what kind of textutre did you use for the background & the pieces? also....halloween is only 19 days away...still awaiting your 2008 halloween wallpaper. keep it up vlad!

Rhonda  ·  long ago
This is adorable!! I LOVE it!! Thank you.

LG  ·  long ago
It's a bit sad when the missing piece is nowhere in sight... Oh, well, perhaps it will be found in another wallpaper!!!

darthvinyll  ·  long ago
good stuff!

Cherry  ·  long ago
Totally love it!!!!!!!!! Fantastic!!!!!!

kacenka  ·  long ago
excellent work! :-)

Sabhtarsha  ·  long ago
fantastic.... great color combination...

monk  ·  long ago
great, great, great

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