Vlad Gerasimov  ·  18 November 2006
This a very very personal wallpaper, and I think you can guess why! Dedicated to  my beautiful wife :-)

asmr  ·  long ago
vlad you are the best , you are really a real artist.

tüm..  ·  long ago
well done! i adore this one!

Guido Benigni  ·  long ago
Congratulations. Very happy for you two. I have two little kids and it is truly the best experience you could ever dream of. I'm promoting your site every day throughout Italy, keep on going...

Yaser ""  ·  long ago
:: very nice :: forEver light deys

idhem  ·  long ago
congratulations :-)

Beth  ·  long ago
Congratulations. (Y) :)

Omid  ·  long ago
congratulations, I wish your kid to become an artist like you.

Liza  ·  long ago
Congratulations. :-)

Matthias Ficht  ·  long ago
Hey Vlad, that's really great news! :-) Best wishes to you and your wife from Germany!

Francesca  ·  long ago
About all of your images: they touched something inside myself. I really felt emotioned. Thank you from Italy Fra

Marcus  ·  long ago
Congratulations for you, your wife and the new born.God bless you all ! Greetings from Ostend in Belgium. (L):-)(L)

biruy  ·  long ago
congratulations!! wish ya all the best!!

Câline  ·  long ago
Congratulations Vlad!!! What an amazing way to tell us this beautiful new!! :-D :-D :-D

mark  ·  long ago
Congrats to you and your wife. :-)

Coccinella  ·  long ago
(Y) :-) :-) :-) ! congratulations !

  ·  long ago
Íà¼ëåïøå æåšå è ìíîãî ïîçäðàâà èç Ñðáè¼å!!! Best wishes and warmest regards from Serbia! Your art is amazing. May you have many cheerful years with your familly, and I wish you three more babies! :)

Sahar  ·  long ago
COngratulations,BEst WisHes 4 u & your family. (Y)

Neil W  ·  long ago
Congratulations! Best wishes to you, your wife, and your illustrator to be!

Matt  ·  long ago
Vlad- if you are half as good a dad as you are and artist you child will be one of the luckiest on the planet. congratz man i wish you the best!

dv8ted  ·  long ago
how about a membership discount after the baby is born...?? hey we need to celelbrate too 11

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